Miracle of Pregnancy 
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The Miracle of Pregnancy - Getting Pregnant Safely and Naturally
Trying to get pregnant can put you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Every negative home pregnancy test feels more heart-breaking than the last! If you are still trying to figure out just how you can get pregnant after so many failed attempts, please don't give up...it's never too late... In this article, we will discuss the safe ways of getting pregnant and how to get past the infertility problems. The Pregnancy Miracle program by Lisa Olson will be also discussed at the end and how it helps to beat the odds of infertility.
Getting Pregnant - Is it THAT time of the month?
When are the most fertile moments in a woman's menstrual cycle? A female can only get pregnant after her body has loosed an egg. This point in time is referred to as ovulation. Since a women can only become pregnant when there is a live egg floating around and an egg can only survive for something like 24 hours, it does seem like a very brief window of opportunity indeed!
There are a few basic things you can do to better your odds...
It is super helpful if you just get to know your body's natural rhythms and cycles. For an average woman with an average 28 day cycle, ovulation commonly happens at about day 14 of the cycle (keep in mind that day 1 is considered the number one day of the last period). It is frequently around 14 days from the beginning of your next period. For instance, if you have a tendency to have a 30 day cycle, day 16 might be the best day for you, just as day 18 could be the all-important day for a gal on a 32 day cycle. The best way to get to know your cycle is to track and document it. It will only take a short time before you start noticing a pattern and begin recognizing how your body feels at various stages. You can also get ovulation predictor kits from any department store which can be a handy tool to verify whether or not your body is really ovulating.
A little gross but...get to know your cervical mucus. During your cycle, the look and texture of your cervical mucus will morph. By examining yourself often (at least daily), you will quickly be able to name the different sorts of discharge and know as soon as you have hit the motherload with the "egg-white" mucus that announces ovulation and offers your partner's little swimmers the absolute number one opportunity to unite with your egg.
Try tracking your basal body temperature. Your body's basal temperature is minutely different during each stage of your cycle. One way of identifying this fractional change, therefore identifying at what point you are in your cycle, is by using a low-priced, easily bought thermometer called a basal thermometer. This specialized thermometer can read the ever so slight peaks and valleys in your body temperature that can signify that it is time for you to get cracking! The readings for this style of thermometer ought to be taken as soon as you arise, and definitely before you do any kind of moving around (in order for the results to be accurate).
Information is king so bring on the learning'. Read good quality information from numerous sources and teach yourself as much as possible about how your body functions, human reproduction, getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. The more you know, the more you can help give your body what it needs to do what comes naturally.
Getting Past Fertility Problems and Getting Pregnant
When you think you are infertile, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it and It can happen to any person, at any moment, in spite of ethnicity, religion or social status. Officially, medical science classifies infertility as a disease of the reproductive system. This diagnosis can be crushing to the mental and bodily well-being of the person affected as well as their life partner.
While plenty of ladies are blessed with the ability to get pregnant in no time flat, many stumble and falter, seemingly lacking any real reason. Some issues that seem to affect a duo's likelihood of getting pregnant are physical maturity, bodily condition, general health and stress levels. When a couple is having problems getting pregnant, there are many tests offered to help identify the probable cause(s).
One of the earliest and easiest tests a couple might seek out is the good old fashioned spermatozoa analysis. This helps to establish the condition and abundance of what is being manufactured. Basically, it helps to determine whether the guys can swim and if there are enough of them to do the job. Once you know where you stand in this respect, you can take actions to recover function and therefore enhance your odds of victory.
There are many hormones involved in getting pregnant. Hormone testing requires blood to be taken at numerous times. For these tests, they are inspecting for particular hormones to be at hand. This can help to establish if the woman is creating enough of the particular hormone (for instance, progesterone) and if her body will be able to nourish a pregnancy. If the levels are low, she will probably want to consider supplementation. An alternative hormone test might be to check out your thyroid levels to be sure the gland is operating correctly and not sabotaging your body's attempts at conceiving.
Ovulation testing is easy and can be very effective. By tracking levels of luteinizing hormone, you can ensure that you are really ovulating recurrently from month to month.
Some tests are icky to think about, but necessary. Doctors will routinely take Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Cultures. These tests are completed to rule out the potential appearance of the viruses that are able to actually create infertility.
Whatever the inconvenience factor for the particular test, finding a "cause" for a couple's infertility can be the crucial step that leads eventually to the ultimate goal of getting pregnant.
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